2012 was an amazing year. In January I was fully booked but kept getting calls for things I really wanted to do and thought “okay, just one more, just one more!” Destination weddings in Costa Rica and in Spain. A same sex wedding. An entire October spent shooting seven weddings all in San Francisco. A bunch of weddings in my stomping grounds in Marin which I always love and further afield throughout wine country and the Bay Area. Six friends asked me to photograph their weddings not to mention the incredible friendships I now have from clients this year. The opportunity to photograph interiors for hotels in Jackson Hole and in Marin, food features for magazines (check back for this one soon), and features for fashion and design blogs. Family portraits, engagements, and the weddings. Oh, the weddings.

My clients are the best ever. Ever. They are interesting, cool, fun, reserved, musicians, pro athletes, outdoor lovers, master brewers, biologists, lawyers, food bloggers, jewelry designers, tech gurus, fashion designers, architects sommeliers, doctors, investment bankers, emergency room nurses, artists, scientists….who you are amazes me, and I love it that I’ve run the gamut of having some serious and quieter folks mixed in with the wild party animal chatter boxes, some incredibly naughty, some conservative but you’ve all shared the quality of being so very much in love. Some of you wear it on your sleeve and would jump on Oprah’s couch if you could just like Tom Cruise, others are quieter, but no matter what your eyes tell the story. The heart of it all is almost too much. The privilege I’ve had to see you scream with happiness, cry upon seeing each other for the first time, nervously rub your hands and pace while standing at the top of the aisle, be completely naked in front of me while laughing and telling me not to put that one on my blog, jump over mud puddles in your wedding dress and cowboy boots, go hiking up the hill to catch the perfect light, almost get a speeding ticket racing to the other side of the city to catch sunset on beach, and seriously how much everyone let down their guard and let it all go for each other – and for me – is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to the photographers who assisted me this year, Sarah Shepard, Kali Kraum, Katherine Emery, Courtney Michalik and Silvana Di Franco. And to Lucas, aka the hubby, who is the best non-photographer assistant ever in the whole word — no one else sets up lights, slide shows, equipment, holds umbrellas during rain storms and gives back rubs better than he can. Aren’t you glad I didn’t lose my car keys in the middle of a portrait session this year??

Small and very random collection of photos below, some of these weddings haven’t made it to my blog yet:

CHEERS and here’s to 2013!!!

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