destination wedding in granada, spain!

I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time.

A few years ago, Nic + Kaleb were in the middle of the dance floor at Matt and Jodi’s wedding and shimmied drunkenly over to me and proclaimed, “We are getting married in Spain and you are coming with us!” So I crossed my fingers and hoped. There is something about these two that had me at hello – Nic is tall, dark, handsome and sweet and Kaleb has these eyes that are sparkling with mischievousness and charisma – and there was no doubt that their celebration would be seriously amazing, beautiful, completely emotional, and totally off the hook. Not to mention that I have a love affair with Spain, having lived in Sevilla for a year post-college, and I think I left part of my soul there.

Fast forward to their ceremony in Granada, Spain at La Chumbera, which is on a hill that overlooks to jaw dropping La Alhambra, Nic and Kaleb are saying their personal vows and you can just see the look they are giving each other. And if you don’t know what I am talking about then you’ve never seen two people honestly in love. It was beyond amazing to hear their friends and family stand up and give their blessings and support to these two boys. There was not a dry eye in the house and nowhere else that anyone present should’ve been that day. I caught my breath with the realization that it is for these moments that we live.

Love is love.

There were several nights of fun and adventure leading up to the big day itself. So I captured a few moments, even in the wee hours of a long night of tapas and bar-hopping!

The next day at La Alhambra.



Ceremony + reception venue: La Chumbera
Coordinator: Theresa Guthrie, AWOL Granada
Videographer: Becky Sharpe

Spain. To return here was a gift and the soul of this place is still very much alive. In my head, I can hear the sounds and the rhythms of southern Spain and decided to let that piece of me stay there a little longer, just much wiser.

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