Featured! Town & Country, November 2011

In light of recent comments, I’ve decided to take this post down that had a copy of the article to which I contributed photographs. Visitors, please be aware of a few things. I did not write the article, I am a photographer. I am a long time burner and slept in a tent with my own camp. Yes, Burning Man Headquarters unquestioningly granted media passes to the writer, myself and many others, and saw the final article before it was published. That is the truth as far as I know. The most important thing I have to say is that my style of shooting is photojournalism or documentary-style. After going on hiatus from Burning Man for five years, it was eye-opening to come back and to realize how much things have changed. And how some things, some very important things that I hold dear, have stayed the same. Regardless, I simply took photographs of what was happening in this subset of Burners. It is the reality. I submitted over 250 photos, none of which had overt branding, many that were more in-line with what you would typically expect from BM, many that were taken throughout the rest of BM and not just this particular camp or party. It was not up to me to decide what was accepted and if you have a copy of the article, you will see that there are no photographs of any particular brand. I am very sorry that many of you are upset by this.

I took the article down from my site. It’s really not that important to me that it stays up, I have nothing to gain from it.

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Andi!! Congrats on your feature. These are fantastic and I can’t wait to see more.


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