pelican inn wedding at muir beach in marin : freyja + laurent

Oh, how I love the Pelican Inn. It is quirky and charming and unique and outdoorsy. And generally, it seems that the couples who choose to marry there share those exact same qualities. Freyja + Laurent have been together for a very long time and have three daughters. They were in no rush to get married, just were very content with their busy lives and the happy family that they created together. Freyja’s sister decided to fly in from England to visit for the holidays and insisted that they get married since it was rare for her entire family to visit. And so, barely two months later, just two days before Christmas, they did. It was beautiful, joyous, relaxed and so very unique.

As a side note, the storm on this day was epic. Tree branches blown across the road, rain coming down in sheets. Suddenly there was a break in the rain and we managed to get ourselves to Muir Woods for a quick portrait session holding umbrellas with big rain drops falling from the redwoods. Truly magical!

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