san francisco ferry building engagement : jodi + matt

refreshing. that’s the word that comes to mind when i think of these two. i can see them years down the road, the very best of friends, having a ridiculous amount of fun together. these two peas in a pod met at physical therapy school and heard rumors about each other one late night out. good rumors. when i met up with them, they were tag-teaming watching the giants playoff game (whoo!) at the sports bar next door while waiting for me in the tame little coffee shop i had chosen.

they both decided to do an outfit change at a muni stop, holding up cast-off clothing as visual protection. as jodi was pulling her pants on underneath her dress, matt grinned and said to me, “this is why i love her.”

made for each other? i think so.

how can you resist a rocket ship art installation, sitting on the embarcadero?

and yes i did catch photos of the outfit change at the muni stop, but i won’t share them here. 🙂

can’t wait for your april wedding at the san francisco film center!

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