Slide Ranch wedding in Marin : Alyssa + Josh

It’s true that you roll the dice a little when you get married in the Bay Area during the summer, especially along the coasts. I’ve photographed a wedding at Slide Ranch where it has been completely and totally socked in with fog so thick you couldn’t see 10 yards in front of you. This wedding was a little different. A noontime wedding with clear sunny skies for miles around, pelicans flying over head, wildflowers blooming, and the wonderful Alyssa + Josh getting married under a huppah in the fields hanging over a cliff dashing down into the sea. Nearly all of the wedding was eco-friendly, up-cycled, handmade, and DIY. Catering was by Alyssa’s former place of employment, a bakery in Davis, where these two just finished college and where their love for biking is part of the culture. They literally bike everywhere, including coming from Davis to Point Reyes for their engagement session. Josh is a brew master and even concocted some beer for the wedding (friends say he is like a mad scientist and you never know what experiment might be happening in the kitchen), and Alyssa is a biologist, fascinated by birds. Alyssa + Josh are incredibly charming and quirky and she has this lovely habit of burrowing herself into Josh’s chest whenever he is near. They’ve dated each other since sophomore year in high school and he still looks at her with such pride and love. Could there be anything sweeter than that?

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Thanks again for capturing the joy so beautifully, and being so much fun to work with!


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