wedding portraits at muir beach : bonnie + knut

a muir woods wedding that didn’t quite happen due to our government nearly shutting itself down. plans had to be rearranged just two weeks before the wedding but we went ahead with a portrait session for this lovely pair. bonnie and knut were officially married on a boat in the ocean the next day. fun, outdoorsy, adventurous, they are right up my alley. and, of course, i love love love when my clients can lose themselves in each other.

first we stopped off at their original wedding location for a few snaps. i told them to loosen up a bit and they started to dance…

bride and groom dancing in muir woodsBonnie’s mom made her beautiful dress by hand!lovely moment alone in muir woods with a bride and groom Muir Beach is often enshrouded in fog and we actually had rain on the forecast, so the chances of getting beautiful clear weather was somewhat unlikely. It did mean that everyone else was scared away from the beach! Not us. bride and groom on cliffs over muir beachmuir beach bride and groom overlooking the oceanromantic moment with bride and groom on the cliffskissing and laughing on muir beach in marinfalling in love on muir beach in marinfirst dance on the beach in muir beach marindance like no one is watching bridesweet moment overlooking the ocean with a bride and groomundefinedbride and groom in love on the beach

Bonnie and Knut, I had such a great time with you and can’t wait to have you teach me to outrigger canoe!

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